Friday, December 18, 2009

Maemo DDP: a fly in the ointment

Last week I got my DDP's N900 and since I still have my Summit's device I haven't played with it much. I wish Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote his DDP device checklist earlier. I got this nasty bug 6823 "media player won't play any video files now (.avi) divx / xvid". I tried all files, even the default "Nokia N900" and "9". Since Mplayer plays all video files, this is a software fault, not hardware issue. But still it's frustrating and I'm waiting for any bug activity.

So my point is, all people who got their devices, please check for video playback in media player. And vote for the bug if necessary.


  1. Thx Eugene - I added that entry to checklist.

  2. Fundamental difference between mplayer and default media player is that the latter uses DSP and the former does not.

  3. I had a problem where after using UPnP media streaming it refused to play any videos files claiming unsupported codec.

    I am not sure what fixed it, but after a reboot it was fine. I suspect however that installing one of the additional video support packages from the repos actually fixed it. Trouble is I did not document what or when I installed things.