Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yandex plugin for Maemo mapper

After patching maemo-mapper application to support Yandex maps Max Lapan, their employee suggested his script that worked as CGI script and converted mmapper's links to yandex's ones. That was really awesome idea as there is no need to update application and contacting its developer all the time, we can just run script on and pass parameters like city ID and x/y/z to it. Note, that Yandex is not that simple as other map vendors - there is no world map with all cities on it. Each city has its own ID and its own set of dimensions - Xs,Ys of upper left and bottom right corners of each rectangle. So I think we(interested people from Russia and Ukraine) will have to create list of supported cities with verified set of dimensions and IDs. So each city will have it's own repository in maemo mapper(see screenshot below).

I'm open to discussions about this implementation as GPS and other features are unlikely to work seamlessly and road traffic service is currenly unsupported. It's not possible to add it without patching maemo-mapper itself. But for me and probably for other people map is the most important feature.

How to setup a new repository:
URL for the map is ""
where NUMBER is a special code for each city(Kiev=1600, Moscow=2000, St.Petersburg=500, and so on)
Download Zoom Steps: 1
View Zoom steps: 1
Downloadable zooms: min: 6, max: 14

So then we may download map for offline use as usual. I use 11,9,7 zoom levels + 6 for city center. It's about 50mb on a flash. It's better to move data file from "/home/user/MyDocs/.documents/Maps" to somewhere at /media/mmc* and create a symlink instead.

Python script can be downloaded following this link. To run simply put it somewhere in home dir and:

$ python

Roadmap for the script:

  1. Configuration file with a set of cities, dimensions, etc...
  2. deb package in extras repository
  3. install file on unless I receive too many complaints about how stupid my script is.
  4. Easy way of running script - probably it will be launched by maemo-mapper's .desktop shortcut and killed when mmapper exits.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maemo mapper + Yandex maps

Guys, I need map!

After googling for Maemo mapper format I found only this very useful link at internettablettalk with the list of supported servers. But unfortunately it's not that simple for us, Ukrainians. Google Maps does not have streets map even of our capital, Kiev. Russian yandex's map service is still the best, but its format is not that simple as google's:

Yandex Maps:

mapsID - city's id(from the set of cities)
mapX/Y - special coordinates in wild format:
Map is a 2^31 2-D array, coordinates are central point + shift * 2^(zoom level+8)

Google Maps:,30.256348&spn=4.052146,12.44751&z=7

Very simple: long, lat and zoom :)

That's why is not that simple with Maemo mapper.

May be in a few days I'll test and polish what I got now and create special .deb package for Yandex-only mapper, because there are some changes now which break all other map repositories.

Below is a screenshot(click to see 800x480) of what's working at the moment. To be continued!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


3 days ago I was forced to leave civilized city and go to the place without Internet(which is 95% of Ukraine, I think). My precious N800 is a perfect toy to spent time with. What I wanted then is to have simple, easy, old, ancient, forgotten. Arcanoid game and I did not find it in . Only via ZX Spectrum emulators, etc...

It's a pity. Had to play Bomberman and NumptyPhysics again all day. So I promise to all who read this. I'll find native arcanoid/krakout and port it to maemo. Because it's classics. It's like to have Windows without solitaire :)

Any idea of what to look for first?