Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PR 1.2 - major disappointment of the year

Just updated my two N900's to PR 1.2. Well...

Pure disappointment. None of the bugs I cared about was fixed even though it's set as fixed on bugzilla:

Bug 7211(Unable to play media. Media format not supported" for recently recorded video) - not fixed.
Bug 6823(media player won't play any video files now (.avi) divx / xvid) - not fixed.

It fails even to play its own built-in "Nokia N900.avi". Since December there's been no way to play video files on this so called "Mobile Computer"!

They added Skype video calls, but it's like slideshow.

Calling with Skype? "General error" after 1 minute and no even a sign of your call on the other side. After call pulseaudio uses 20% of CPU. I found that because both of devices were too hot for no reason.

Portrait browsing? Really?! Check the screenshot. Where is the address bar? Where is the window switching button? Exit fullscreen mode button? Is this portrait browsing or portrait viewing only?

I'm not sure whether I should wait for MeeGo or just give up and buy Android next time.