Thursday, May 15, 2008

Labyrinth - bugfix release

It was too early to release the first version of Labyrinth without proper checking. Even considering "alpha" status of the project. The issue was found almost immediately, though I did not have a time to fix it.

Pygtk in OS2008 and in SDK 4.0 does not support method `to_string` for gtk.gdk.Color, only attributes: "pixel", "red", "green" and "blue". The method is used to store RGB color values like 127/64/0 in hex text "#007f0040000". Can someone advise why it's not working on maemo? The web site says "This method is available in PyGTK 2.12 and above.", however OS2008 contains:

>>> import gtk
>>> gtk.ver
(2, 14, 0)

This was the workaround for the issue:

def color_to_string(color):
return "#00%02x00%02x00%02x" % (,,

Now as the saving is fixed the only porting task left is maemo's Virtual Keyboard support ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Labyrinth - mindmap tool for maemo

Hi all!

Short preamble at first. Recently I've become a fan of mind mapping. I visited Exception #07 developers conference in March and there was a guy who did his presentation using not well-known tools like MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress but he used totally different approach, Mind Map. It's the way of brainstorming or displaying your ideas just the way like human brain works - not one by one like sheets of paper but radially with multiple links and forms. It's much better than scrolling page by page during workshop, for example.

For daily use my choice was Java-based Freemind - big, but powerfull and available for Linux, Mac and less popular systems like WinXP, etc . But I wanted something small and modest to use on my Nokia N800. So I've done some search and found nothing. So I(as python/bit C/C++ dev) did some search among apps written in python and found Labyrinth -

Really don't understand people who use tons of autotool/autoconf code + python script just to install 10 .py files. But I've finally managed to release an alpha-quality port of Labyrinth for maemo - , available also on maemo website -

Note! It's not ready yet for `production` as I took dev/trunk version from
the original website to have more powerful application with curves and
more export formats supported. If you are interested and want to contribute
either to application itself or to maemo port in particular - you know now where to go.

Here is what it looks like: