Thursday, September 17, 2009

First steps with Maemo 5 SDK - Stardict

It looks like there is a lot of hype about new N900. I don't think I'll be able to afford one for myself but there are still people who will need a dictionary program while they are offline.

4 hours spent to get the first working binary. And there is a huge amount of work to do:

  • read Maemo 5 HIG doc
  • change the layout of potentially everything as all the buttons are HUGE now and previous useful area got shrinked.
  • work around the bug "Xephyr crashes on clicking any editable area". Hate to have compiled/make_installed thing in my system.

And, of course, a screenshot:


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  2. There are exceptions to UI design that just can't be avoided. I'd say that a dictionary may fall into this category. Use your best judgment when faced with the need to shrink "useful" areas. ;)

  3. here's how I solved the Xephyr problem:

  4. Would it be more convenient if the definition of the word would be shown as a pop-up?

    Replacing the whole area with the list, possibly having multiple columns with words and popping up the definition on tapping a word could be more space-efficient than the usual layout. Of course, this may require more rewriting.

  5. 2pv: Do you know any PC or iPhone application that uses this kind of UI? I'd like to see an example because my imagination doesn't go that far.

  6. Dear Mece and Antimirov, do you know anything about Qstardict for the N 900?
    I have downloaded it, but cannot install any dictionary, I have tried all ways which were discussed on maemo talk, but no way.
    Maybe yoo can help any how?
    thanks alot

  7. Yes, I know something about QStardict, I participated partially its progress.

    My Gtalk is turist AT so just send me an auth request, let's discuss it