Thursday, May 15, 2008

Labyrinth - bugfix release

It was too early to release the first version of Labyrinth without proper checking. Even considering "alpha" status of the project. The issue was found almost immediately, though I did not have a time to fix it.

Pygtk in OS2008 and in SDK 4.0 does not support method `to_string` for gtk.gdk.Color, only attributes: "pixel", "red", "green" and "blue". The method is used to store RGB color values like 127/64/0 in hex text "#007f0040000". Can someone advise why it's not working on maemo? The web site says "This method is available in PyGTK 2.12 and above.", however OS2008 contains:

>>> import gtk
>>> gtk.ver
(2, 14, 0)

This was the workaround for the issue:

def color_to_string(color):
return "#00%02x00%02x00%02x" % (,,

Now as the saving is fixed the only porting task left is maemo's Virtual Keyboard support ;)


  1. First, thanks for porting this software.

    Have you thought hildonize it?
    I could write a patch with hildon support if you are interested.

    About the problem with the virtual keyboard, it could be more difficult but I will try to do something.

  2. 2yerga:

    At first I want to upload the code to repository. You may find .tar.gz at labyrinth's garage page. As for the code I have not chosen yet how to manage it - some patches can be added to the main repository at Some patches such as for packaging scripts I think should stay only within garage's repository. You you want to help, add me to your contacts in gtalk: "turist" or ICQ 161742229

  3. This gtk.ver business is weird, because OS2008 ships gtk+ 2.10.12. Apparently only the Python Gtk+ bindings are version 2.12.

  4. The hardest thing about hildonizing this application is that it effectively is constructed of two separate applications - the browser and the actual mindmap tool. In my previous attempt i succeeded in hildonizing only the latter, though i only tried for one night.